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    About us

Our Mission is to help conserve the ecological biodiversity and cultural diversity found in coastal (Coral Reefs & Mangroves) and Himalayan environments that have enriched our lives for the future generations to enjoy.

Our impetus to start this foundation stems from the rapid deterioration of natural ecosystems, alienation of indigenous people from their habitats, the loss of biological diversity and human values leading to a new breed of environmental refugees and feminization of poverty.

To maintain peace on earth, it is essential that we maintain peace in all its realms of space, oceans and land environments. It is also important for a country to take care of all its citizens irrespective of gender and ethnicity and support them to maintain their cultural identity and self esteem.

CARESS is dedicated to the memory of Shri Ranjit Singh Hoon (2/2/1923 – 7/5/1998) by his family and friends.


Our Objectives

1. To repay in a small way, the help and support that tribal and rural people have given us in course of our endeavors.
2. To Protect the Coral Reefs, Mangroves and related coastal ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.
3. To work with the people who live in the TransHimalaya to take up sustainable livelihoods
4. To work with the people who live in Coral Reef Areas to develop sustainable, conservation, enterprise and livelihood solutions.
5. To empower women through Financial Micro Initiatives, training and education.
6. To provide financial support to economically deprived students to pursue higher education.
7. To network with grass roots level institutions that will attempt to further these objectives.
8. To promote awareness of environmental, gender, biological and cultural diversity issues among school and college students and tourists.
9. To provide an environment orientation to school education by conducting workshops and developing relevant environment education teaching tools for students and teachers.