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We promote appropriate technology to find ecosolutions to a problem.

  1. Multipurpose Watermills in the Himalayas. Multipurpose watermills are appropriate technology for isolated villages in mountainous terrain. Technology is available to upgrade watermills locally known as "garat" to generate 5 KW of electricity. 5 KW is often sufficient to provide lighting for a whole village. By upgrading a "garat" to a multipurpose watermill, a garat owner can double his income by providing both flour milling and electricity at a nominal cost to the village.
  2. Community Based tourism (CBT) community based tourism is an ecosolution to livlelihoods in scenic rempote areas, since it brings the market to the doorstep and thereby host a number of service oriented enterprises such as handicrafts, food, agriculture, sanitation etc.
  3. Polyhouses and Polytunnels: Poly houses and poly tunnels can be used to grow vegetables in areas where the growing season is short. As the heat produced in the polyhouses helps the seeds to germinate faster and ensure that the villagers have vegetables to eat for a longer period.
  4. Ecopan toilets - www.eco-solutions.org/ecopan.html. These toilets are perfect for areas that have a high water table or mountainous terrain. They save water, protect rivers ground water and coastal seas, produces soil improvers and fertilizers, provides freedom from sewage and do not smell.